Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Abu Dhabi bankruptcy lawyers help clients in Filing a bankruptcy request because it is professional legal work, and if you are not proficient, this may lead the applicant to jail; Therefore, you should put into consideration that your defendant or the authorities may apply Article 199 of the U.A.E. bankruptcy code that states; Shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years and a fine not exceeding ( AED 60,000);
whoever is declared bankrupt by a final judgment, and there is proof that the declaration of bankruptcy was due to his gross negligence that caused the loss of his creditors.

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Confidential Bankruptcy Consultation

In short, The U.A.E. Bankruptcy Code (the law in bankruptcy proceedings) is federal and therefore applies nationwide, in Every Emirate of the U.A.E.,
Consequently, It is essential to consult with U.A.E. or Egyptian attorneys, lawyers, and legal consultants practicing in U.A.E.
However, if you’re facing growing debt and experiencing significant anxiety and
then it’s time to call for a confidential bankruptcy consultation.
Because we own all equipment of the experience, knowledge, and bankruptcy team, that’s Necessary to evaluate, prepare, and file your case correctly.

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