Al Saaedi, leading, law firm, Best insurance and reinsurance, employment-labor, family, marriage , divorce, child care, franchise, , cross borders investment, intellectual property-iP - contractual, real estate, hotels, Constructions Law Lawyers in association with Ezz Law firm Egypt. lawyers, in Abu Dhabi| Criminal, Family, corporate, property, real estate, shipping, construction

Ahmed Salem Al Saaedi Law Firm

Ahmed Salem Al Saaedi is a leading law firm with specialist solicitors and lawyers based in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates and Cairo Egypt in association with Ezz Law firm.

Our law firm in Cairo Egypt and in Abu Dhabi  hire have best Lawyers, attorneys, legal consultants and arbitrators in  Civil, Criminal, corporate & commercial, banking, insurance and reinsurance, employment labor, family , marriage , divorce, child care, franchise, , cross borders investment, contractual, real estate, hotels, Constructions Law.

Our Practice Areas

Taxation and Customs

Cairo Egypt with Dubai and Abu Dhabi team of tax experts have the experience, knowledge and foresight to add considerable value to whatever kind of transaction you may be planning whether that be by investing in or just trying to know your situation.


We have best International Arbitration lawyers representing local and international . clients in international commercial arbitration, as well as investor-State treaty arbitration, around the globe.  Our lawyers are dedicated to offer creative and efficient solutions to all types of transnational commercial disputes.


Our team of corporate lawyers in Dubai same as in Abu Dhabi or Cairo, have a high reputation for providing excellent technical advice combined with commercial nous and pragmatism. We can advise on the entire range of complex corporate transactions.

Debt Management & Recovery

For more the 40 years we could collect billions for clients around the globe, we worked inside major banks, learned how to collect and refund liability.

All Compensation Claims

We are professional in all compensation claims in all fields.


Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo shipping lawyers provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community. We have over very talented lawyers and 13 Master Mariners worldwide, specializing in maritime law.

 International Trade

Our international trade and inward investment lawyers help public and private sector clients achieve their commercial aims. We draw on trade expertise across a range of legal disciplines to help clients make the most of global opportunities in their sector.

Labour and Employment
we handle all employments matters for Employers and Employees.


turn to us if you have any accident claim

Tort Law
Banking lawyers

rely on us in any corporate banking issues.

Contracts & Agreements

Our lawyers provide expert assistance on all arrangements, contracts in all law areas.

Insurance lawyers

Hiring best U.A.E. insurance lawyers, attorneys assure the best results, Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE insurance lawyers who advise clients on a wide range of global insurance disputes and litigation, as well as on coverage, policy wordings and interpretation

Family Law

We hire best family lawyers in region of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, who are familiar with family law, for marriage, divorce, Khula, child support and visitation, wills, prenuptial agreements

Intellectual Property

Why Us

40+ Years Experience

40 or more years of extensive experience on commercial, corporate, labor, insurance, maritime and product liability with success.

Dedicated Account Manager

Because we understand business and how they need prompt response, we dedicate a professional lawyer for corporate clients to be ready 24/7

Middle East

International full services law firm with lawyers in Cairo Egypt middle east, Dubai, Abu Dhabi – UAE – we have best litigation & Arbitration lawyers.


If you’re running a business, or you’ve grown to a certain size, there comes a point where you need to get professional advice from us.


We charge AED 2000.00 for legal consultation for corporate law advice.

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Our Clients

We work with individuals, business and corporate clients, we are concerned with delivering the best legal service possible to our clients.