Abu Dhabi Arbitration Lawyers

Our Abu Dhabi arbitration lawyers successfully tried many complex, high-value cases, and due to our experience, clients get help with their Arbitration needs in the Whole UAE.

Furthermore, Our Arbitrators in Abu Dhabi also arbitrate, and president arbitration panels in construction disputes, sale-of-goods disputes, mergers and joint ventures, shipping and shipbuilding arbitrations, intellectual property and IT claims, and expropriation actions.


Above all, Our Abu Dhabi arbitration lawyers and arbitrators have more than four decades of experience in local, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and federal courts and throughout the UAE for unique and high-value Arbitration and mediation.

We arbitrate and advocate in business transactions and disputes, intellectual property, trademarks, employment matters, banking, insurance, maritime, real estate, and property matters.

Furthermore, Our  Abu Dhabi, Dubai arbitrators professionally and carefully help clients in arbitrations related to:

• Insurance and reinsurance issues
• Director disputes
• Banking disputes.
• Maritime disputes
• Commercial and corporate dispute resolution
• Partnership dispute resolution
• Shareholder disputes
• Debt recovery
• Financial dispute resolution
• Real estate dispute resolution
• Restrictive covenants
• Construction Disputes

Therefore, For more info about our speciality;

For Instance, we select Arbitration as a popular choice for those seeking to resolve high-value disputes away from state courts.

Moreover, Arbitration may be the correct route for clients because proceedings can be private in a way that court cases are not;

Furthermore, we prefer Arbitration due to the perception of flexibility around procedures.

Therefore, we support clients in various sectors through every stage of the arbitration process.


Our expertise

Most Importantly, We Act for claimants and respondents; our collective experience extends to commercial, investor-state, and construction arbitration matters and encompasses international and domestic disputes.

Abu Dhabi arbitration law practice Varieties;

Our lawyers’ range and the variety of our practice are huge, but we have one guiding principle: to support you in achieving a commercially sensible outcome.

For These Reasons, we take the time to understand the financial and personal pressures involved. Whatever the challenge you face, we will guide you through all stages of the arbitral process with sensitivity and discretion.

Our Experienced And Specialist Lawyers

What you’ll get from Our arbitration lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai:
We are pragmatic and don’t ‘sit on the fence.
We have dispute resolution experts in all nine offices across the UAE
Our experienced and specialist lawyers will draw upon their vast experience to help you understand your position, determine what’s at stake, and formulate a plan to get what’s best for you. We partner with you to fully understand what you want and need from the situation and plan a strategy that brings the best outcome for you.
We hope you never need us, but when you realize you do, choose us – you’ll be glad you did.

Our arbitration law firm Delivers the highest level of defense in civil and corporate arbitration.

Additionally, Our Abu Dhabi mediation lawyers efficiently Provide a full range of services to locals and ex-pats, Arabic & English speaking, in all arbitration procedures and defense. 

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi Law office is home to one of the most extensive and specialist teams of arbitration in Abu Dhabi and Dubai;

We provide clients with the individual attention, care, and professionalism they require.

Therefore, we deal with all international issues regarding commercial disputes.
Because we handle all civil and commercial disputes in UAE, Dubai, like Abu Dhabi, is similar to Cairo, Egypt. So, visit us if you are seeking or evaluating your options for an arbitration issue.