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Abu Dhabi Accidents Injury Lawyers

Our Abu Dhabi accident lawyers & personal injury attorneys have had a team advising and defending victims of personal injuries for 40 years.

The law firm assists victims of accidents and offenses throughout the judicial proceedings to obtain redress.

Abu Dhabi accident lawyers accept all accident claims in Abu Dhabi, Dubai court, and throughout all UAE courts; our UAE accident law firm has a long term of expertise that started in 1982.
Our law firm’s principles: No win, no fee agreement.
Secondly,  we offer Free consultation for Accidents and injury claims.


The law firm could assist hundreds of victims of accidents and offenses throughout the judicial proceedings and could obtain redress they deserve.

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Personal Injury Lawyers​

As well as, we welcome all claims from Arabic and English speaking clients such as workers on-site, students, tourists, expatriate or foreign citizens.
Therefore, our strategy throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE, and Cairo Egypt is “no win, no fee agreement”.
because we trust in our ability to deal with accident claims, not only that but also we give Free consultation for Accidents and injured persons.

Abu Dhabi Accidents Injury Lawyers

Injury &  accident law firm places you count on.

Furthermore, We operate throughout Egypt, UAE, and overseas territories.
Our accident law firm hires the best accident and compensation advocates, attorneys, and legal consultants who bring the best results from insurance companies, employers, or court action.
So, If you have any accidents, whatever it was, we shall estimate it immediately and tell you very frankly our expectations.
Moreover, If you had car or road traffic accidents or faced negligence during hospital or medical treatments, accidents at work.
Or, an accident in a private or public place calls us to arrange a visit to our office.

Claims Process As Simple

Our injury law firm aims to make the claims process as simple and stress-free for you as possible; Moreover, it ensures you receive support, early rehabilitation, correct damages, and maximum compensation for your injuries.
Your life may have changed significantly if you have suffered a severe injury. And you may not be able to move, walk, to work again, and you may be worried about your financial situation, Therefore, the Abu Dhabi accident and injury law firm is the right place to make your first visit.

Help Guide You Or Your Family

Hence, we can help, guide you or your family through this process.
Our law offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide support and guidance in what can be very challenging circumstances. Abu Dhabi accidents injury lawyers; what we offer We offer a free initial consultation.
To illustrate, We will ask you about what has happened, the injury and assess the best way to help you. And; ask for Evidence that we shall need to support your claim for damages; For Instance, this can include independent medical expert Evidence, Further, witnesses can attest to how much help you have needed after the accident and anyone else we feel would support your case.
Because we always receive international calls from injured persons seeking remedy, Unfortunately, when we ask them about case number or hospital report, they do not have an answer.

Abu Dhabi Accidents Injury Lawyers Advising

That’s why we always advise any person, especially tourists and any ex-pat who had an accident, Therefore, we advise keeping the police report number and date, as the medical report that proves the actual injuries and damages. And; witnesses and any supporting documents. Above all, Our legal fees: “no win, no fee agreement.” One of the best reasons to choose our law firm is because we are +42 years of experience as an expert accident law firm in dealing with all types of accidents.

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Abu Dhabi accidents injury lawyers