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Accordingly, our Abu Dhabi advocate will offer Help in all matters relating to Divorce, Employment, Personal Injury, compensation claims & More.

The Office of the Legal Adviser furnishes advice on all domestic and international legal issues arising in all legal matters.

In the area of concentration and within the limits of the Legal Office in UAE, will be responsible for the following duties:

We render expertise in one or more areas of concentration and independently handle a wide range of multi-disciplinary and complex legal matters involving public international law issues, including the interpretation and application of Nations and international law and practice.

We provide legal advice on diverse, complex, substantive, and procedural national and international law questions.

We can Perform extensive legal research and analysis and prepares legal opinions, studies, briefs, reports, and correspondence.

We can Review, advise, draft, and negotiate complex agreements and other legal documents; develop new legal modalities to meet unique needs/circumstances.

We Coordinate and direct teams of junior legal officers dealing with significant problems, as required, and mentors and supervise junior legal officers’ work on specific projects.

We Contribute to reviewing and designing new laws, regulations, applications of legal instruments, policies, guidelines, etc.

WE Perform other duties as assigned.

For illustrations:-

custom duty

Our Abu Dhabi Customs law firm comprises a custom Duty law team that helps businesses and individuals with the international supply chain. Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi Customs duty lawyers help clients to navigate the complex rules governing the import of goods into the United Arab Emirates.  Above all, Our Customs law attorneys routinely advise on[…]

trademarks patents copyright lawyers

Our trademarks patents copyright lawyers in Abu Dhabi Explain the law of trademarks and names; How to Distinguish between tradename and trademark To illustrate, The trade name is a specific name taken by the merchant or the commercial company to distinguish his store or the company from others.  In Other Words, For this trade name[…]

Back to Business…

Our Abu Dhabi business lawyers assist corporations with legal matters before establishing their business and in courts or arbitration. Furthermore, our Business Lawyers help business owners to understand different legal issues, such as lawsuits and legal violations, that might impact their operations.  Our Abu Dhabi business lawyers do their best to ensure everything done at[…]