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We are a full-service law firm in Abu Dhabi. Our practice areas: criminal, family, labor, accidents, business, real estate, construction, and more.

A strong presence in UAE:-

Additionally, our law firm has a strong presence nationally, but it remains a law reference to international lawyers and law firms.

Most Importantly, From our UAE office, we effectively serve a broad range of corporates, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with all legal issues they may face.

About our Unique law firm in Abu Dhabi:-

Above all, we have a team of the best advocates in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, we could keep our position among the best law firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo. Moreover, Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi have a high reputation for providing excellent technical advice combined with commercial nous and pragmatism;

Our valuable Legal advice:-

Our legal consultants, lawyers, and arbitrators work together successfully to provide high-quality legal services and advice at a reasonable cost.

Moreover, our Abu Dhabi lawyers are Always willing to go the extra mile and think outside the box.

Beneficial law practice in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE that benefits clients,
Also, clients used to benefit from our legal services through talented lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in multiple practice areas, such as; civil & criminal law.

Best legal practice in UAE:-

our legal course covers Divorce, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Real estate law, Employment Law,

Moreover, we are among the top Intellectual Property, Probate, Traffic accidents, and Banking lawyers.

Why AL Saaedi law firm:-

Furthermore, Our incredibly bright attorneys are the top Construction claims, Insurance and reinsurance, Family Law, Child custody, and care and trademarks law.

Our professional lawyers at Al-Saaedi law firm in Abu Dhabi:-

Moreover, Our lawyers efficiently handle professional Malpractice, Business Law, Foreclosure Defense, Tax and customs law, Products Liability, labor, and Workers, Rent disputes, 

Furthermore, and efficiently handling debt collection and recovery of funds, lawyers always offer leading and exceptional legal services with a deep and proven commitment to ensuring excellent representation.

Reliable in Arbitration too:-

Furthermore, litigation, arbitration channels, and compensation-indemnity claims have our brand name.

Reliable in any complex cases:-

So, We can advise on the entire range of complex transactions, and clients tell us that they value the depth and strength of our expertise.


We are a Business law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai;

We are prominent corporate and business lawyers who help companies to ensure regulatorily;

Moreover, our business lawyers provide the highest quality specialist advice.

We help businessmen in all Commercial

matters, including Bankruptcy, Liquidation, Insolvency, and Payment Recovery/Collection.

Moreover, an Excellent team of Ip-intellectual property trademarks lawyers.

Our Abu Dhabi Ip law team of Patent and Trademark Attorneys is ready to help you in all aspects of IP and trademarks. They have experience handling complex trademarks, patents, design disputes, and all  IP disputes.

In The Same Way, Our INSURANCE Attorneys IN UAE have solid knowledge and long-term success;

Namely, Our Abu Dhabi insurance lawyers are combating lousy insurance practices.


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Mohamed AL-Sheikh

IP Lawyer

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Ip Criminal Lawyer